Our Services


i. Technical Specification and Consultation

Our clients are equipped with with switchgear consultation services by our experienced engineers who assist them in creating value-added and optimal solutions for their applications.

ii. Packaged Solutions

Leveraging our current influential partnerships with leading industrial brands, we deliver cost competitive solutions to each client’s project needs and requirements.

Switchgear related services

i. Retrofit & Refurbishments

We aid in providing technical evaluations of old switchboards for our clients, to ensure a high level of system workability. We aim to prevent any downtime that would effect the client’s operations.

ii. Modifications and extensions

In our modification phase, we ensure to notify clients when switchboards are required to be changed or updated.

iii. Preventive maintenance & repairs

Ega Tekelindo Prima’s quality control and field technician teams are present to ensure that all components are safe and reliable. In the case that a failure does occur, we will send over a maintenance team to the site to rectify any issues.

iv. Installation & Commissioning

Ega Tekelindo Prima also provides on-time delivery of the tested switchboards to the specific sites. In addition, we perform installations and conduct Site Acceptance Tests (SAT) to ensure that each switchboards is operable at each site.

v. Switchgear Training

We cultivate in our people, we believe in the bettering of each person to always provide cohesive results. Ega Tekelindo Prima provides users and operators comprehensive training on design, engineering, operations and maintenance of low and medium voltage switchgears.

vi. Warranty

During the warranty period, we will provide repairs or replacements for defective parts with no additional costs.